How it works

Ce site permet de s'enregistrer pour demander des rendez-vous ciblés avec les entreprises présentes lors de l'évènement Pro'Energy pendant le Salon International ENERGAÏA. L'accompagnement Pro'Energy est gratuit, inclus dans le package global de la conférence du salon.

In a few words...

  1. The Pro'energy Brokerage Event collects innovative technology offers and requests from companies and laboratories all over Europe (and other areas like Middle-East, North America...),
  2. Registered participants request individual meetings with potential partners from the online catalogue (meetings can be rejected online by the requested participant),
  3. Each participant will receive a personalised meeting schedule shortly before the event,
  4. Meetings will take place face-to-face during the event at the Parc des Expositions in Montpellier.

For any emerging questions, assistance will be provided by our staff from the Enterprise Europe Network.

1. How to register

  • Click on the link Registration and fill in a short profile describing your organisation, a technology profile explaining the technology you are offering or looking for, and finally select your assisting organisation in the Enterprise Europe Network (if applicable).
  • Your user name will be your e-mail address. Select a password to enable access to your data.
  • For each type of collaboration sought (e.g. technical cooperation agreement, joint venture, research project, etc) a new short profile can be submitted. Furthermore, each technology profile can be assigned to a different representative within your organisation.

Registration and profile submission are open until 30/11/2012.

Important: All entries will be checked and validated before being included in the catalogue. All fields are mandatory. If information is missing or unclear we will contact you. Profiles which are incomplete, unclear or not relevant to the event will not be included in the catalogue, and thus unavailable for meeting request by other participants.

2. How to request meetings

  • When logged on, select from the catalogue of technology profiles the partners with whom you wish to meet by clicking on the watch icon next to their profile. A search facility tool (AutoMatch), guided by technological keywords and free text search, will help you to identify relevant profiles for your activity.
  • The requested partner will receive a notification of your interest. Unless he/she expresses no interest in meeting you, the meeting will be scheduled according to your availability.
  • Please note that there is a maximum of 15 meetings that each firm will be able to request.

In your personal log-in area you can find an overview of requested and confirmed meetings.


3. Personalised meeting schedule

A first schedule will be sent to you by mail shortly before the event, taking into account your incoming and outgoing requests that were made and not rejected at this time.

4. Meetings

  • You will be able to request meetings until the 30th November 2012
  • The meetings, lasting 30 minutes each, will take place at the Parc des Expositions on the 5th, 6th & 7th December 2012.

Please Note: The Enterprise Europe Network is dedicated to the promotion of European technology transfer. For this reason only organisations offering or seeking a technology are invited to participate in the brokerage event. Business consultants are excluded from participation.



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